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Duration - 9:30

Instrumentation - Drum kit and electronics

Sampler is inspired primarily by Aphex Twin, as well as similar artists signed under the electronic music label “Warp”. While nominally dance music, the music of Aphex Twin touches on some of the most interesting fragments from the modern classical tradition- diatonic smears recall middle-period Stravinsky and continuously mutating structure brings to mind the developing variation of Brahms and Schoenberg, but the greatest influence can be felt in the manipulation of samples as in musique concrète. Sampler takes both the sound of Aphex Twin and the concept of “sampling” as a starting point. During the piece, the sequenced drums in the left and right channels imitate (or “sample”) the material played by the live drum set, eventually growing into a back and forth, give and take relationship. Additionally, in keeping with Aphex Twin’s ironic spirit, a central element of the drum material is sourced from one of the most over-sampled audio clips in history - the so-called “amen break”.

Audio still to come.

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