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Four Reflections
Duration - 25'
Instrumentation - Piano solo

Each movement in Four Reflections takes inspiration from a different reflective surface both in its aesthetic and structural characteristics. The first movement, "Deep Water", is a mood-setting prelude. "Shards of Glass", a perpetual motion toccata, forgoes notion of a time signature for a rapidly unfolding scattershot of small groups of sixteenth notes that carry “shards” of ideas which are transformed through numerous different harmonic and textural idioms. The third movement, "Eyes", unfolds in a giant modified palindrome where all the material is reflected (and mutated) around a midpoint. "Curved Metal" rounds out the set with a second brutal, driving toccata interrupted by a placid quintal chorale. Across the piece, gestures are often transposed, retrograded, rotated around an axis, or otherwise kaleidoscopically combined.

I. Deep Water

II. Shards of Glass

III. Eyes

IV. Curved Metal

Shards of Glass was selected for Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra's 2020 Call for Scores.

Performed by Dominic Muzzi

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