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Duration - 4:00

Instrumentation - stereo fixed media

After noticing the potential similarities between my recordings of the natural sounds of nighttime wildlife and non-musical sounds made by manipulating instruments in various ways, I decided to structure a piece as a sort of dialogue between the two sound worlds; hence the title, after the Greek poet who could move even animals with the expressive power of his playing. The music moves between both the nocturnal real world of the chirping crickets and fantasy constructions of instrumental noises in an unbroken line.

Constructing this piece brought thoughts again and again to two ideas: one, the line between musical expression and musical imitation, and two, 
nighttime's ability to both color our last waking hours with thoughts of fantasy and hurl us into imagination altogether in our dreams. I feel like on some level these things are the same. Perhaps our attempts to distill what we observe and feel into music are the conscious reflections of the processes that our brains take during the night: reinforcing the experiences of our days into long-term memories by way of dreaming.

Excerpts from Orpheus
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