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Duration - 21'

Instrumentation - flute, clarinet(=bcl), percussion, violin, cello, synthesizer

Axon began with the idea of writing for synthesizer and building the music around all of the timbral properties that can be manipulated with faders assigned to different parameters. The result is a set of three pieces that acoustically represent ideas that I feel are authentically electronic. The first movement is based off of jagged, chopped-up gestures and a game of copy-cat between the synthesizer and other instruments in the ensemble. The second alternates between sparse textures and a slowly pulsating series of chords. The "title track" gets its name both from the motivic signals that responsively circulate between the players and from instances of synaptic overload that short-circuit the piece by its end. 

I. Interference

II. Static Sky

III. Axon

Audio still to come

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