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all those who live in such times

Written for Ensemble PHACE for the 2022 Vienna Summer Composer's Forum

Duration - 8:00

Instrumentation - Flute, Bass clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Technically, this piece is an aggregate of ideas that I have worked through elsewhere—formal iteration, visible process,
and an emergent relationship between foreground and background. More foreign to my music, but present here, is a single explicit expressive goal.


Observing the situation, seeing the outcome unfolding in real time, and being unwilling or unable to do anything about it. Whatever desperation, solidarity, resignation or otherwise that results from being apart of something that will reach its logical conclusion, sooner or later, whether you want it to or not.

Lake George Composition Competition 2023: Honorable Mention

all those who live in such times PHACE
00:00 / 08:11

Performed by Ensemble Phace

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